Marvel Select Colossus Review!

Released in 2011 and right now is getting hard to get this figure because of rising demand. Colossus is one of the coolest looking Marvel Select figures released.

Colossus stands just shy of 8-1/2 inches tall. He is released in his classic outfit and has 18 points of articulation which is really good for a Marvel Select figure.

Accessories include the Danger Room diorama piece shown in The Uncanny X-Men #122 cover. The 4 clips shown are suppose to extend the spike wall to crush Colossus. But this accessory does not work because in my opinion it adds no play value or display. It’s a failed attempt at an accessory. A better accessory for Colossus would have been his sister Illyana. Figures like Thanos had a second character included with them, so why not Colossus? Illyana was released back in the 1990’s as ‘Magik’ as part of the X-Men – New Mutants three figure wave. She came with Lockheed. A new figure for Illyana is long overdue.

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