DC Infinite Earths Signature Collection Mirror Master Review

DC Infinite Earths Signature Collection Mirror Master Review

Mirror Master was released as part of Mattel’s online exclusive line DC Infinite Earths Signature Collection over available at Mattycollector.com. Mirror Master is a classic DC The Flash related supervillain and long over due to be released by Mattel in 6 inch scale.


Mirror Master uses the basic DC Universe Classics body sculpt, but includes a new head, hood, holsters, weapons, and belt.


He was given a very good paint job with tan and green, and silver weapons.


Same as all figures made with this mold.


What is interesting about these accessories is that the fact that the mirror guns have swappable muzzles and can be stored in the figures’ holsters. This was the fans request and Mattel listened! He comes with two mirror guns, and 4 interchangeable parts for the guns.


I am very satisfied with the overall outcome of Mirror Master. I would high recommend this figure to fans of the Flash, DC Comics, and just anyone that collectors cool looking toys.

Mirror Master can be purchased at Bigbadtoystore or Amazon.com.

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