BotCon 2012 Transformers Timelines Invasion Box Set Review

BotCon 2012 Transformers Timelines Invasion Box Set Review

BotCon came out with with a handful of Transformers exclusive toys this year. One in particular was the Transformers Timelines Invasion Box Set consisting of Gigatron, Soundwave (Shattered Glass), Metalhawk, Turbo Tracks (Shattered Glass), Ultra Magnus (Shattered Glass), and Treadshot (Shattered Glass).

This set was only available at Botcon 2012 in April and sold out at the convention. In the gallery below we provided our images (in robot mode) and the club’s official images (both modes) along with the packaging and other accessories including with the set.


He uses the mold from Tranformers RotF Bludgeon. He was repainted with Transformers Shattered Glass bright colors and given a new head. The figure was painted blue, white, silver, black, and purple swords and guns.


Soundwave is interesting. On the side of the doors he shows a picture of G.I. Joe villain Zartan. This is not the first time we’ve been given a hint or a crossover of Transformers and G.I. Joe toy lines. What is interesting though is that this is the first club exclusive to be having this feature. On the back bumber it says “I love Rock N’ Roll,” which is another G.I. Joe character.

Soundwave is painted mostly white with a bright blue paint job. The figure is a repaint from Tranformers Classics Iron-Hide. Soundwave is one of the heroes in this set. Now, why would a hero have a picture of Zartan on the side of their door? Unless Zartan is also a hero in the Shattered Glass realm? However, Rock N’ Roll is a hero so why would the bumber stick say “I love…” Or am I just reading into this too much?


He makes the set worth it. The head is a homage to the Transformers Generation 1 Pretenders. This figure is truly a great addition to to the set and a welcome surprise. Metalhawk is painted mostly blue, red, white, silver, and some yellow. He is a repaint from Tranformers Classics Thunderwing.

Ultra Magnus: 

This mold is getting used a lot lately by the club. The mold was used for two Botcon 2012 exclusives (the other Shattered Glass Optimus Prime), and the upcoming Scourge exclusive in the subscription. This figure is repainted with blue, red, black and gray. Ultra Magnus is one of the villains in the set and hides his Autobot logo underneith his head (just flip the head up in robot mode). This is a great looking figure, but I feel that they could have done something else with the head.

Turbo Tracks:

This is a nice looking repaint. The figure is painted red, black, silver, and purple. This evil Autobot from the Shattered Glass realm is a repaint from Tranformers Classics Turbo Tracks. This is a great addition to the set.


This heroic Deception uses the mold from Tranformers Classics Jazz. The figure was repainted blue, yellow, and black. The figure is given a new head and is one of the better molds in the set.


If you can find it, this set is worth it. I know BotCon sets are very expensive these days. However, I feel that this set in particular is a must for all Transformers fans.

The set can be picked up at the following stores:

RobotKingdom – Currently in-stock for $499

Bigbadtoystore – Pre-Sold Out.. Keep Checking Back.

Bigbadtoystore – Pre-Sold Out Loose Set. Keep Checking Back.

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