‘Ask Matty’ For November 2012 – Your Questions Answered!

‘Ask Matty’ For November 2012 – Your Questions Answered!

Toyguru “Scott Neitlich” took the time once again from his busy schedule to answer our readers questions for the month of November 2012. We want to thank Scott once again for anwering these quesions!

Toy Hype USA: Recently it was asked if Castle Grayskull could have elements from the Filmation series. What about elements from other shows such as 200X?

Toyguru: Likely we will not include as many 200X elements as that Castle was greatly redesigned and we are going to stick to the vintage look for the Classics Castle. 

Toy Hype USA: You stated in the Q/A with He-Man.org that there was a bio for Snake Mountain. Would future playsets and other large items depend on the success of Castle Grayskull?

Toyguru: Yes.

Toy Hype USA: Would it be possible for Castle Grayskull to have a space inside to display Castle Grayskullman?

Toyguru: If you mean a “hidden chamber of defense” that is unlikely. But you can pose CGM or any other 6″ figure anywhere on the Castle.

Toy Hype USA: Has Mattel been reading fan suggestions about the free gift for Frosta? Such as  a small character like Orko and Kowl? The vintage figure came with a comb, would that be a possibility instead of a small character?

Toyguru: Likely it will not be a newly tool’d item.

Toy Hype USA: It was announced that Ghostbusters 3 will begin shooting in 2013. When do you think Mattel will be ready to announce more Ghostbusters Classics figures with this new development?

Toyguru: At this time we are way to far out to make any announcement about the future of GB beyond our Ecto Goggles. But we are excited.

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