‘Ask Matty’ For December – Your Questions Answered

‘Ask Matty’ For December – Your Questions Answered

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We received our questions back from Scott Neitlich “Toyguru”, Mattel’s Marketing Manager for all toy lines sold on Mattycollector.com. We want to thank Scott once again for taking the time to answer these questions!

Q: It has recently been brought up by fans calling for a LEGO Masters of the Universe toy line. This might work better in a movie year, but would Mattel be willing to consider this idea?

A: Sorry, we can’t comment on licensing of any brand to other toy companies.

Editor’s Note: Most likely Mattel is looking into it.

Q: Would it be possible to sell Rattlor’s armor individually in a poly-bag?

A: No, we don’t have plans to offer the armor this way.

Q: It was asked by criticalmess.net about how a smaller company such as DC Direct are able to produce fully detailed figures, newly tooled, and use no shared parts to each new character they produce. With this in mind, why are we still are without a DC Granny Goodness and Doomsday figure? Has corporate affairs provided an answer to this question?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Originally there were 6 figures planned for Ghostbusters 2012 line-up when the subscriptions were cancelled. If and when the line continues, will you pick up where you left off or handle this line a different way?

A: We never developed more than the 4 we offered so there is nothing to “pick up” if you will. Had the sub sold in we would have moved forward and started developing 2 additional figures. But when the sub did not hit the min quota we stopped development.

Q: Mattycollector’s Black Friday sale saw the Wind Raider go down to $35 and still not sell out. Is this considered a failure by Mattel as well as an excuse not to produce more vehicles? Or is there still hope?

A: At this point it is highly unlikely additional vehicles will be produced. We can only make toys when there is an audience to buy them!

 Send us your January questions by December 30th at midnight EST.

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