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Buyer Beware - Returned Broken Young Justice 6 Inch Robin Figure


Buyer beware! For years now, a handful of dishonest collector’s have been repacking action figures and returning them to the store purchased for a full refund. Some may be an older action figure than what was previously in the box, missing or broken parts, and even in some cases nothing in the box at all.

Today at Toys “R” I found a Young Justice 6 inch Robin action figure by Mattel missing his left leg. The leg was snapped off and returned, put back on the shelf, and completely missed by Toys “R” Us employees.

We encourage fans, parents, and children to study the pictures on the front and back of the box to make sure every piece pictured is in-fact in the package before purchasing. Also to check for any broken pieces and tampering with the box itself.

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