Masters Of The Universe Classics Procrustus Review

Masters Of The Universe Classics Procrustus Review


Procrustus was released by Mattel in December 2012 as part of the Masters of the Universe Classics toyline. Procrustus will be shipped out in groups due to a delay in shipping from overseas.

He made his only appearance in the DC mini-comic titled “The Magic Stealer!” and has never been in the animated series, or been offered as an action figure before.


Procrustus uses shared parts with Tytus and Megator and was given all new parts unique to his sculpt. He has two arms that come unassembled in the box, and snap to his back shoulder blades. He has four arms altogether, each with ball jointed articulation. He has a lot of great looking detail which shows off his stone type skin and hair. The detail is simply amazing and well designed by the 4 Horsemen.


He is painted in a light tan (looks like stone), and has a light brown belt, and wrist guards.


He has 20 points of articulation.


He includes an orb that is 1 1/2 inches in diameter.


This is a fantastic figure and I feel it’s a shame not much has been done with the character. I am very pleased with him and would recommend him to collector’s of the line.

Procrustus Bio:

Real Name: Procrustus

After the Gods created the Five dimensions, they hid their secret magic in the form of a star inside the core of a small planet in the center of the dimension of Eternia. Naming the planet after the dimension it resided in, they assigned the immortal four-armed giant Procrustus to remain there and guard their magical secrets. Over the millennia, the magic began to seep out, and many wise magicians learned to tap into these powers for both good and evil. In time, the ruthless warlock Hordak attempted to break apart Eternia using a spell of separation in order to access the magic’s source. Although his spell was thwarted, Procrustus was now forced to literally hold the planet together remaining forever at the planet’s core!

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