‘Ask Matty’ For January – Your Questions Answered

‘Ask Matty’ For January – Your Questions Answered

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We received our questions back from Scott Neitlich “Toyguru”, Mattel’s Marketing Manager for all toy lines sold on Mattycollector.com. We want to thank Scott once again for taking the time to answer these questions!

Q:  How did Granamyr perform by Mattel’s standards? Did it sell well enough to warrant more $80 items in the future (outside the sub.)?

A: He sold very well and we hope to do more high price items in the future. He did sell much better compared to the Windraider.

Q: I am looking forward to NYTF reveals. Will we see at least 3 new reveals or more?

A: We hope so!

Q: Regarding the DC Club, Do you think there is enough fan support behind more Lantern characters in the line (green, blue, yellow, red, black, etc.)?

A: We are certainly fans of this part of the DCU and perhaps one day they will make the line! 

Q: The MOTU 30th Anniversary DVD set we were offered a MOTUC He-Man sword. Does this open doors for more official Classics accessories offered outside Mattycollector?

A: It is always possible if the right opportunity comes along!

Q: Toyguru, I was wondering if you have any New Years resolutions for 2013?

A:  From Toyguru:

“My resolution is to spend more time with my family and have tea parties with my 2 year old daughter. Granamyr is her favorite guest – he is in perfect sitting position and holds a tea cup perfectly.”

 Send us your questions for February by January 24th at midnight EST.


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