‘Ask Matty’ For February – Your Questions Answered

‘Ask Matty’ For February – Your Questions Answered

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We received our questions back from Scott Neitlich “Toyguru”, Mattel’s Marketing Manager for all toy lines sold on Mattycollector.com. We want to thank Scott once again for taking the time to answer these questions!

Keep in mind these questions were sent weeks before NYTF.

Q: To keep costs down for a potential MOTUC 2014 line-up, would Mattel consider smaller packaging (such as a box and no plastic bubble)?

A: Reducing the packaging this way would not reduce the cost of the figures in a significant enough way. To get the cost of the figures down, to say around 20.00 we would to take a multifaceted approach and reduce package, deco, accessories and articulation. 

Q: How does MOTUC Karatii’s skin tone compare to Demo-Man’s? Is it the same color?

A: No, it is not the same pantone. .Karatti is a little darker.

Q: Will the Superman Man Of Steel Movie Masters toys be in the same scale as previous Movie Masters figures? How many are planned?

A: Yes. We will have the first wave to reveal at NYTF.

Q: Masters Of The Universe Classics found at Wal-Mart has created a lot of controversy amongst fans. It would seem odd that Mattel would just sell only a dozen or so Roboto’s and Gygor’s at a significate loss while they may have more than that in reserve. You stated that Mattel does plan to sell older MOTUC figures to other retail chains. Can you tell us what stores Mattel does plan to sell the figures too?

A: Mattel did not sell any MOTUC toys to Wal-Mart nor do we have plans to. The situation you are referring to is one single Wal-Mart location that acquired MOTUC product from a third party and sold it without the permission of Mattel.

Q: Would listing all of the 2014 subscription characters at SDCC improve subscription sales? Give fans the layout of the 2014 map, and would this help to complete the core characters?

A: It potentially could, but legally we are not in a place to do that.

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