Playmates Toys Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Muckman Figure Review

Playmates Toys Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Muckman Figure Review


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Playmates Toys Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Muckman Figure


Muckman makes his triumphant return in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series. This is the second time that Muckman has had an action figure since 1990, as some fans have been waiting for the character to return on television as well as a figure. The character has had some notable guest appearances on the show, especially since Garson Grudge became Muckman in “The Noxious Avenger”, as well as his team-up with the Turtles and The Mighy Mutanimals in “Annihilation Earth“, where the Triceratons destroyed Earth, killing all except for the Turtles, April O’Neil and Casey Jones.

Muckman is an ally of the Turtles. Once a humble sewer worker-turned-garbage man named Garson Grunge, he was hit with a canister of Mutagen Ooze and became a mutant pile of living garbage. He may look scary in his appearance, but he is actually quite friendly. Muckman (also known as Garson Grunge) is a mutant garbage man, and one disgusting mutant partner of Joe Eyeball.

Availability: April 2017


Muckman is part of the 5″ basic lineup and is currently available as one per case, making him one of the most sought after Turtles figures right now as both adults and kids want to add him to their collection. The figure is sculpted as he appears on the show, with a mutated pile of living garbage sculpted all over his body. The sculpt features a hump on the right side of his head, various textures, and is covered in garbage, which includes a banana on his head that is painted yellow, a fish skeleton painted white, a frog on his right leg painted green, a bucket on his right foot painted in red with the word “LARD” on it, and various other garbage that was left cast in green plastic.



For the most part, the figure is green with an orange shirt torn in front and in back, and orange short that are torn at the knees. His left arm has a skeletal hand, with the green on the lower part of his forearm, and part of his skeletal arm on the top part of the arm. The right arm is covered in green, and there is a yellow over some of the textured parts of his arms, the front part of his chest, and head. The head sculpt is nicely done, and the eye detail is incredible. The tongue however is left in green plastic, and painted as it should have been. There is a hole in his stomach that goes all the way through, and the inside of his chest is smooth. A spine is painted in white and located on the back part of the hole.



The feet are completely covered in garbage, with everything except for the bucket is covered in green plastic. Some of the items includes a boot, garbage bags, and several more items that are hard to identify without it being painted. There are also toes and toe nails on the front of his feet, which has some of the garbage sculpted over it as well. As to why Playmates Toys didn’t paint most of the great sculpting, is because deco doesn’t come cheap, and to paint most of this would bring the cost of the far beyond the $8.99 MSRP. If they had painted every piece of trash in the sculpt, including the ribs and other parts of the body as seen on the cardback, the price of the figure would skyrocket to a price point that most fans would not want to pay.

However, what is painted is very nicely detailed and there aren’t any bleeding going on and with a strong detailed sculpt, this is one of the most detailed figures released in this line. The articulation includes a swivel neck, ball hinged shoulders, and ball hinged hips. While limited, it is just enough to create some dynamic poses, especially standing next to The Mighty Mutanimals or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Muckman is an amazingly detailed sculpt that both old and new fans will love.


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