DC Collectibles Icons 6″ Wonder Woman Figure Review

DC Collectibles Icons 6″ Wonder Woman Figure Review


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DC Collectibles Icons 6" Wonder Woman Figure


The next batch of DC Icons 6″ figures are available at comic shops and some online retailers this week, which include Deathstroke, Static Shock, Cyborg (Deluxe), Wonder Woman, and Swamp Thing. Wonder Woman is #19 of the Icons line. Wonder Woman was designed by Ivan Reis and sculpted by Sam Greenwell.

Wonder Woman is based on the Justice League: The Amazo Virus storyline by DC Comics in 2014.

The Amazo Virus is a synthetic plague created by Lex Luthor based upon the same principles as Professor Ivo’s Amazoandroid, which was able to mimic any metahuman abilities it encountered through the use of an artificial enzyme. Luthor presented as a method of doing the opposite, suppressing metahuman abilities, specifically the abilities of those who have violent criminal records. However, when he presented it at theWhite House, it proved to be too controversial and untested, and was ultimately shelved and locked away. Regardless, Luthor did use it at least once, attempting to infect Superman, but Kryptonian disease resistance left him with little effect and no recollection of this having occurred at all.[2] Unfortunately, when Neutron attempted to assassinate Lex Luthor at LexCorpon behalf of a third party, he inadvertently released the virus from containment, causing an outbreak. – Wikia

Thank you to DC Collectibles for providing their DC Collectibles Icons 6″ Wonder Woman Figure for review.

Availability: April 5th, 2017


Wonder Woman stands at at just under 6″ tall and is a scaled down figure compared to the DC Icons Justice League 7 Pack Wonder Woman figure. The outfit is also different, but yet similar in several ways. She is sculpted in a dark red shirt with a silver trim on the top in the shape of a bird, a dark blue skirt, which is made of soft plastic, has a silver star on the front, and a silver belt in the shape of a “W”. The forearms are sculpted with a blue glove with silver armor strapped around it, as well as one silver piece of armor attached to the back of the hand on the glove. The glove has openings for each finger, which includes red painted fingernails. On the right forearm, is a removable strap that the shield can be attached to, as well as the harness across her back. Both rectangular pieces are of the same design, and the shield can be placed on either one. However, placing the shield on her back makes her head sculpt look downward as the long black hair gets in the way.



Her left thigh includes a black strap around it, and her boots are the same dark blue as the gloves and skirt, with the silver armor over it. There is also a loose fitting strap around her waist, with a tiny sheath for her sword to fit through, which is also extremely fragile as it is made of a soft rubbery plastic. There is a hook for her lasso on her right hip that is attached to the silver belt. Her head sculpt is beautifully done, with a silver head band with a red star on the center, and all of the facial details including the eyes, nose and mouth look fantastic. The hair is wavy and hangs down her back almost covering the plug that the shield can be stored on.

Wonder Woman’s articulation includes a ball jointed neck (with limited range of motion due to the hair), ball jointed shoulders, swivel biceps, double-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, ball jointed torso, ab crunch, ball jointed hips, double-hinged knees, and rocker ankles.


Wonder Woman comes with a great selection of accessories, including her iconic sword that has a black handle with a bird shape design, shield (that is made of a soft plastic) that is painted in silver with a red and blue circular deco around it, two pairs of interchangeable hand sculpts (fisted and gripping), a tied up lasso for her belt, and an open lasso that she can hold and tie up a villain.

Overall,  this is a fantastic looking figure that every DC fan should own. The figures design is excellent, and those included accessories easily makes the figure worth adding to your collection.


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