LEGO Batman Movie 70914 Bane Toxic Truck Attack Review

LEGO Batman Movie 70914 Bane Toxic Truck Attack Review


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LEGO Batman Movie 70914 Bane Toxic Truck Attack


As of June 1st, LEGO released new sets based on the LEGO Batman Movie that are currently available now. These new sets include the Bane Toxic Truck Attack, The Ultimate Batmobile, Two-Face Double Demolition, Scarecrow Fearful Face-off, and The Batwing. All of these sets were featured in the LEGO Batman Movie, which was a great film if you have not yet seen it. 

Stop Bane and Mutant Leader’s toxic attacks with Batman in this exciting THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE: Bane Toxic Truck Attack set, including Bane’s Toxic Truck, Batman’s Whirly-Bat flyer and a toxic waste mini-build with explode function. The 6-wheel truck features rear 4-wheel suspension and a mounted 6-stud rapid shooter and detachable toxic tank element. Includes 2 minifigures, a big figure and assorted play-inspiring weapons and accessory elements including Batman’s Batarang, Mutant Leader’s torch and Bane’s Venom backpack.

Thank you to LEGO for providing their LEGO Batman Movie 70914 Bane Toxic Truck Attack set for review.

Availability: June 2017


The LEGO Batman Movie 70914 Bane Toxic Truck Attack features 266 pieces and comes with several small building sets including Bane’s Toxic Truck, a Batcopter (Whirly-Bat), a toxic waste mini-set with a silo, three toxic bomb elements and explode function, and mini-figures of Batman, Mutant Leader, and an oversized Bane figure.



The toxic waste mini-set features the ability to launch one of the toxic bombs by pressing down on the yellow and black platform in the front. Depending on how fast you press it down, the toxic bomb will either jump up, or jump right out of the platform. While this isn’t the most interesting piece in this set, what is noteworthy is that the platform does fit onto the back of Bane’s truck. It’s not clear if this was intentional as the instructions do not state this, or if it were a happy accident, but being able to store this set on the back is definitely a nice touch. The other two toxic bombs cannot be stored on the Truck while Bane is also placed on the back.



The Whirly-Bat looks like a tiny version of a Batcopter, and features a minifigure seat, rotating rotor, two adjustable Batwings and two wheels. Batman stands up on this and can pilot using the swivel handles in front. The Whirly-Bat measures over 3″ tall 2″ long, and 1″ wide. The LEGO Batman Movie line has some great vehicles for Batman in some of the other sets especially the Batwing and Batmobile sets. This set however is too small for him to ride around in, and leaves him exposed to a launching toxic bombs on the platform or Bane Truck. This is something that the LEGO designers just cooked up for this set, and we’re not sure if this was actually in the movie or not. If you’re looking for a vehicle, try one of the larger sets such as the Batwing and Batmobile sets. This vehicle doesn’t necessarily represent Batman’s awesome tech, and even though it can fly and drive around on wheels, it’s too small for our taste.



The Bane Toxic Truck is the highlight of the set, and features a mini-figure cockpit, space for Bane on the back to aim the missile launcher, six big wheels with rear-four-wheel suspension, mounted adjustable six-stud rapid shooter with target-sighting element, and a detachable translucent-green toxic tank element. The truck measures over 4″ tall, 6″  long and 3″ wide. Mutant Leader can also be stored in the drivers seat, and Bane can be placed behind him. As we mentioned above, the toxic waste mini-set can be placed behind Bane for storage. The missile launcher comes with missiles of two different kinds, but these are easy to fall out of the launcher. For example, the grey headed missiles (6) cannot all be placed inside the missile launcher as they constantly fall out when trying to put them in. What we found (as it states in the instruction sheet) is it’s easier to put the grey headed missiles and the transparent green toxic missiles in other every slot.


The mini-figures of Bane and Mutant Leader are awesome, and Bane especially is one of the best Batman mini-figure designs in this entire line. Bane is sculpted as he was meant to always look, big, bulky, and formidable. Just as he was in the film, this design uses his original take in the Batman Knightfall comic series by DC Comics in the early 1990’s. Bane stands at over 2″ tall, and includes posable arms and legs, and has a Venom backpack with tubes. Bane is sculpted in a tan coat with white trim, light blue pants, black shoes and gloves, and a black and white mask with red eyes.

Mutant Leader is the other primary villain in the set, and includes his iconic torch. There is some nice deco on Mutant Leader defining his muscles, but for whatever reason he does not have the nipples painted on, which is part of his appearance. The belt has sound silver dots to represent the spikes, as does his wrist bands.

Batman is the same mini-figure that has come with every set in this line, and is in his black and yellow Batsuit, with a yellow utility belt, batarang, black mask that is removable, and a black and yellow symbol on his chest. The head has two different facial expressions for you to choose from with the mask on.

Overall, this is a nice looking set, and we especially liked the design of Bane’s Toxic Truck, Bane and Mutant Leader. Fans of the film will definitely want to add this one to their collection.


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