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Happy Fourth Of July

  The Staff of ToyHypeUSA wishes everyone a safe and happy Fourth of July!

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Hasbro’s Movie Toy Lines Not Selling? Here Are Some Thoughts On What They Should Be Doing

  As a follow-up to the New York Post’s article about Hasbro’s Amazing Spider-Man 2, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Transformers Age Of Extinction toys not selling at retail, we


ToyHypeUSA New Website Design Update

We will be meeting with a company on Wednesday, April 30th to discuss the new layout and overall design of our website. Pending on how this goes, we hope to


Happy New Year 2014 From ToyHypeUSA

The staff of Toy Hype USA would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year 2013! Thank you for making ToyHypeUSA.com a contined success as this was our best year yet!


Happy Holidays From The Toy Hype USA Staff

The staff of Toy Hype USA wishes everyone a safe and Happy Holiday Season! Thank you for another great year and we appreciate your readership!


Happy Thanksgiving From ToyHypeUSA

On behalf of the staff of Toy Hype USA, we wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

G.I. Joe Re-packed, Stolen, & Returned Action Figures At Retail Toy News

Jurassic Park Toys R Us Exclusive Pachyrhinosaurus Clash Figure Stolen From Shelf

Tom wrote in and sent in some pictures of a newly discovered stolen action figure at a Toys “R” Us in upstate NY. Someone had removed the action figure with


ToyHypeUSA Honors The 9/11 Victims

ToyHypeUSA wants to take a moment and remember the lives lost on September 11th, 2001. Our deepest sympathies go out to the victims, their families and friends. Will never forget their

DC Universe Editorials Toy News

Would You Pay More Than $23 For A DC Figure From Mattycollector?

The results of the 2014 DC subscription is in at 63% out of the 100% needed to move forward for 2014. One can only speculate that the blame for the

Editorials Ghostbusters Toy News

Ghostbusters Classics Ecto-1 6 Inch Scale Vehicle – Why We Think You Should Buy It

  Let’s be honest here. This one is going to be a tough one for Mattel to pull off. The Ghostbusters Classics 6″ Scale Ecto-1 vehicle, Peter and Ray 6″ figures are priced

DC Universe Editorials Toy News

Why We Think You Should Subscribe To Mattel’s DCU Cub Infinite Earths 2014 Subscription

Mattel had announced yesterday (July 30th) that the current thermometer reading is at 25% of what they need to reach the first tier. This is a very small percentage of

Editorials G.I. Joe San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Toy News Transformers

Hasbro Outrages Customer Base With A New SDCC Exclusive G.I. Joe Transformers Box Set Availability Fiasco… We Need To Make Some Changes

ToyHypeUSA.com has been getting correspondence from readers who buy from Hasbro and the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club protesting the events we have seen today. Many have asked what they can do.

Editorials Toy News

1988 Toy Line Cops N’ Crooks Spotlight – A Line Ahead Of Its Time

We are going to spotlight a vintage toy line, action figure, or vehicle every now and then. Today, we are starting with Cops N’ Crooks. A toy line introduced by

DC Universe Editorials Masters of the Universe Classics Toy News

Mattycollector 2014 Subscriptions – Should You Go With The Monthly Or Quarterly Shipping Option – Our Advice

  Mattycollector has put up the 2014 Subscriptions for DCU Club Infinite Earths and Masters Of The Universe Classics. In 2014, they have offered two shipping options – monthly or quarterly.

DC Universe Editorials Eternal Con 2014 G.I. Joe Marvel Toy News

Eternal Con 2013 – Our Toy Hauls

  On Saturday June 15th, we had picked up some incredible deals on the dealer room floor at Eternal Co as we have stated in a previous post. Here is our

Editorials Star Wars Toy News

ToyHypeUSA 1 Year Anniversary Contest Submission From Jeff

  Our reader Jeff sent in his submission for our 1 year anniversary contest. Here’s the entry form Yuzzums’ Customs. Fathers Day family effort. We shot this under our Lacey Japanese

Editorials Eternal Con 2014

Eternal Con 2013 – Final Thoughts (Update)

  Update: Attendance numbers adjusted. Eternal Con took place yesterday, Saturday June 15th in Garden City, New York at the Cradle Of Aviation from 10 am to 6 pm EST. We

Editorials Star Wars Toy News

ToyHypeUSA 1 Year Anniversary Contest Submission From Matthew R.

Our reader Matthew R. sent in his submission for our 1 year anniversary contest. Matthew may be known to some of you as the guy behind Star Wars The Clone Wars

Editorials Toy News

ToyHypeUSA 1 Year Anniversary Contest Extended To Saturday July 6th – Enter To Win Prizes ($25 At BBTS, Walking Dead Series 3 From Nerd Rage Toys)

  Update June 8th: We have decided to extend the deadline to Saturday July 6th at midnight EST. We have also decided upon reader request to change some of the

Editorials Toy News

Reminder – ToyHypeUSA 1 Year Anniversary Contest Deadline Is Saturday, July 6th – UPDATED

Update: We have received several requests to extend the deadline. We are considering this, but will wait to see how many submissions we get by Saturday. If you have not

Editorials Toy News

Our Anniversary Contest – We Want More Submissions!

  We are over a week into this really cool contest and we are still waiting for more submissions. We want to make this fun and showcase your toy collections

Editorials Toy News

ToyHypeUSA 1 Year Anniversary Contest – Show Us Your Toy Collections In A Battle Scene & Win Prizes

This week we are celebrating our 1 year Anniversary with a contest. What we are asking you, the reader, is to showcase your toy collection in an all out action

Editorials Masters of the Universe Classics Toy News

MOTUC Spirit Of Hordak Nearly Impossible To Get For Many In Today’s Early Access May 14th Sale

  Mattycollector has made some mistakes that cost many Club Eternia Subscribers a fair chance at getting the Masters Of The Universe Classics Spirit Of Hordak figure.

Re-packed, Stolen, & Returned Action Figures At Retail Star Wars Toy News

A Florida Mother & Her Son Destroys Star Wars Figures From The Pegs At Wal-Mart – And Admits Adult Collectors’ Are The Reason

Our friends at Jeditemplearchives received a email from a reader who reported what his friend witnessed at a Wal-Mart in Florida. This story will make you frustrated and outraged on what


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