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Storm Shadow: Assassin Sixth Scale Figure SIDESHOW EXCLUSIVE

Gentle Giant




LEGO Star Wars 7957 Sith Nightspeeder Review

LEGO offered some great mini figures with the Sith Nightspeeder including Ventress, Savage Opress and Anakin Skywalker as seen in Star Wars The Clone Wars.


Entertainment Earth Update - Exclusive Jax Teller Figure, New Breaking Bad, Star Wars Statue, Godzilla, Game Of Thrones, & More

Entertainment Earth sends out their latest newsletter of this weeks latest arrivals and pre-orders.

Premium Collectibles

Fullmetal Ghost 18-Inch Light-Up Figure Munsters Herman Munster Maquette Statue Batman Arkham City Mr. Freeze 11 1/2-Inch Statue Captain America Winter Soldier Stealth 1:4 Scale Statue Star Wars 1978 Holiday Special Boba Fett Animated Maquette

New Pre-Orders!

Avengers [...]

LEGO Movie MetalBeard's Sea Cow 70810 Video Preview

LEGO provided a new video preview of the Pirate Ship based on the LEGO Movie will be hitting stores at some. Earlier, we reported that that LEGO might be coming out with a new LEGO Pirate Ship this year, and we were hoping it was the Skull’s Eye Schoone Pirate Ship from 1993 and more ships [...]

ToysRUs LEGO Movie Building Event Taking Place Saturday April 12th

Toys “R” Us will be hosting once again the LEGO Movie Building Event this Saturday, April 12th in-store only. They are offering another chance to build Emmet’s car from 12-2pm (time zone not specified). Check your local store’s weekly ad for more details.

See the coverage and a review of Emmet’s car by brutal2d [...]

LEGO Star Wars 2014 Sets Now In Stock At Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth has listed the following LEGO Star Wars sets of 2014 as in stock (Take a look at our NYTF LEGO Star Wars coverage here):


LEGO Star Wars 75004 Z-95 Headhunter Review

This Star Wars LEGO set is all about Pong Krell, the Jedi General traitor that turned Separatists in The Clone Wars. This takes us back to Jeff’s custom Pong Krell action figure that to this month is a very highly viewed article even almost a year after it was posted. This tells us there is [...]

LEGO Star Wars 75022 Mandalorian Speeder Review


It’s been over two decades since any of us here at ToyHypeUSA has even touched a LEGO brick yet alone put one together. So one of treated himself for his birthday with not one, but two Star Wars LEGO sets that we will be revealing in tomorrow’s review.

The LEGO Star Wars 75022 Mandalorian [...]

Do You Want LEGO To Reissue The 1993 Skull's Eye Schoone Pirate Ship?

LEGO had posted on Facebook for throwback thursday an image of the 1993 Skull’s Eye Schoone Pirate Ship and asked LEGO fans if they still have this set.

This was a classic LEGO release and one we have fond memories of that we never could figure out how to put it together in 1993. The [...]

LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 Sets In-Stock At LEGO Shop

LEGO Shop revealed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sets for 2014 with images, pricing, and these are in-stock now at LEGO Shop.

79118 Karai Bike Escape – $11.99 79119 Mutation Chamber Unleashed – $19.99 79121 Turtle Sub Undersea Chase – $59.99 79122 Shredder’s Lair Rescue - $49.99 79120 T-Rawket Sky Strike – $29.99 [...]

LEGO Cuusoo X-Men X-Mansion Now With 7,000 Supporters

The X-Men X-Mansion set is now at 7,000 out of the 10,000 votes needed to reach the next stage of development from LEGO. Full details and how to vote can be found at this link. Take a look at LEGO’s official comment at 5,000 votes below.


LEGO Star Wars Darth Revan Mini-Figure At Czech LEGO Store

A Czech LEGO Store started selling a Darth Revan mini-figure this week. Head on over to io9 for the full report.

Thanks to a post on Banthaskull for the news.

BigBadToyStore Update – Transformers, Hot Toys, Bioshock, Star Wars, The Walking Dead, Pacific Rim, Mortal Kombat & More

BigBadToyStore sends out their newsletter of their latest arrivals and pre-orders (click on the red links below to purchase).


LEGO The Simpsons Minifigures Official Press Images

LEGO posted new official press images for upcoming The Simpsons minifigures. They have also given a May 2014 release date.


Ghostbusters Firehouse Project Now On LEGO Cuusoo

The Ghostbusters Firehouse LEGO set is now listed on LEGO Cuusoo by the same person that designed the Ecto-1 and minifigures. This project now needs your vote to enter the next stage by LEGO.

Take a look at more details and a video preview below:

Special thanks to twitter user @Brutal2d for the news!


LEGO Star Wars 2014 Sets Now In Stock At LEGO Shop

LEGO Shop listed some of their 2014 LEGO Star Wars sets that we showed you in our NYTF 2014 coverage. The following LEGO sets cost $9.99-$59.99 each. See links below:

Clone Turbo Tank AAT TIE Interceptor X-Wing Fighter Star Destroyer Battle on Saleucami V-wing Starfighter Vulture Droid Droid Gunship AT-AP Droid Tri-fighter Republic AV-7 [...]

LEGO Cuusoo The Big Bang Theory Set Reaches Over 8,000 Supporters

LEGO has made an official comment regarding the LEGO Cuusoo The Big Bang Theory set reaching over half its goal of 10,000 supporters:

Congratulations on rocketing past the halfway point to 10,000 supporters. Again, your rendition of Sheldon’s apartment could provide endless hours of re-enacting classic scenes from the hit TV series.

Best of [...]

LEGO Star Wars Sandcrawler Announcement & Press Release

LEGO has sent out a press release for their upcoming Star Wars Sandcrawler set.


LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary With Exclusive Minifigure Coming May 4th

LEGO posted a preview of the upcoming Star Wars Visual Dictionary and the exclusive Minifigure. Click Here to pre-order your copy at Amazon at the current price of $16.73.



LEGO Star Wars Sandcrawler Planned For 2014?

An image has shown up on the web of an unannounced LEGO Star Wars Sandcrawler that may be coming out this year. Those of you waiting for Hasbro to do one of these in 3 3/4″ scale might not want to hold your breath, as retailers don’t seem too interested in these higher priced [...]

LEGO Cuusoo Back To The Future 3 Jules Verne Train Reaches 10,000 Supporters

Supporters of the LEGO Cuusoo Back To The Future 3 set will be pleased to know that they have reached the 10,000 needed signatures to possibly get this set made.

The next step in this process is for LEGO to review this and determine if this is something they are willing/able to do. The [...]

LEGO Shop Offers For March 2014 - Free Martian Manhunter Mini Figure With Purchase


LEGO Shop is offering a free Martian Manhunter mini figure with a $75 purchase.

March is set to be a ‘super’ month with the launch of a number of new 2014 LEGO products including new additions to the Star Wars line, the brand new LEGO Mixels, and the LEGO Shop exclusive MetalBeard’s Sea Cow from THE LEGO MOVIE™. To top it [...]

BigBadToyStore Update – Transformers, Hot Toys, Breaking Bad, Thor, DC, Star Wars, Child’s Play, LEGO, JP Exclusives & More

Our Sponsor BigBadToyStore sends out their newsletter of their latest arrivals and pre-orders.


LEGO Looking To Replace ABS Plastic With An Environment-Friendly Plastic By 2030 has reported that The LEGO Group is looking to replace their existing ABS Plastic with a more financially and environment-friendly plastic material by the year 2030.


LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Designer Provides A Tutorial To Build Your Own Firehouse Playset

Brent Waller, the winner of LEGO’s Cuusoo contest and the designer behind the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 and mini figures coming out in 2014, has provided a tutorial in the LEGO digital designer where you can download the instructions and build your own Ghostbusters Firehouse playset. Make sure to read his instructions carefully over at Eurobricks.


NYTF 2014 – IMEX Introduces LEGO Military Sets That May Resemble G.I. Joe Characters

On the last day of Toy Fair, we came across some great looking LEGO military sets by IMEX that reminded us of G.I. Joe (yes, we know Hasbro has Kre-O G.I. Joe, but this is something else). Unfortunately the company does not offer anything in 1:18 scale as that would fit in with Hasbro’s [...]

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